07 December 2012

Snails, Cockroaches, and Fashion

I apologize this blog is not about Christmas.  Except that part of Christmas is reveling in the now.  This is my now.

Timothy is a snail-lover.   There is a rookery (I'm not sure what snail hatching areas are called) on the north side of our house.  The kids get snails for Timothy and keep them in a container in his room.  The other day they decided to play hide-and-seek with them.  Of course they got bored or distracted or something and this is where I found one while doing the laundry.

We celebrated Raleigh's tenth birthday last week.  We encourage the kids to get gifts for the birthday person.  Unfortunately Conner came up with an idea that still leaves me scratching my head.

Conner had seen Raleigh find great joy in catching a large cockroach when they were visiting family in Mississippi.  So he wanted to get him some for his tenth birthday.  My husband couched it in terms such as: "I want to encourage his heart of giving."

Now just last month my dear friend blogged on the adorable puppy they got their seven year-old for his birthday.  Not I.

I, on the other hand, possess cockroaches.  Two giant, will-get-four-times-the-size-cat-food-and-scrap-eating hissing cockroaches.

The only consolation is that the woman at the exotic pet store wouldn't sell the females because she's getting low.  I really hope she knows how to tell the difference.

A man at church asked how their mom felt about possessing cockroaches as pets.
Conner told him that I did admit their backs were a pretty combination of colors.

Our cats are gray and brown, the snails are gray and brown, and the cockroaches as well, though they mostly have black and brown.

I'm glad fashion has recently decided that gray and brown are good together.  Now a lot of my old clothes are getting a new lift as I pair different things together.  I felt like a wild rebel wearing my brown slacks with a gray and navy cardigan to church on Sunday.

Watch out, Mom, next it's going to be black and navy, though I hope I don't have any pets to match.


steph said...

That is amazing and so are you. What a wonderful mom to welcome such "interesting" creatures into your home for the sake of your sweet boys.

Julianna Lawson said...

1. I'm very sorry that you have to have cockroaches in your home. You are a better mother than I.

2. It will never be black and navy.

3. You make me smile :).

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are a brave mom! **Applause!!** Regarding black and navy, those were wildly popular colors back in the 1980's. Seems these days like what goes around comes back around again. Be prepared! :) Merry Christmas to everyone from us!! ~Aileen

Dan and Katie Anderson said...

Mom of the Year, Dayna! Cockroaches make me shiver.(My girls like to collect snails too-they climb everywhere!)