11 January 2013

Library Find Friday: Rhyming Books and a Great Audiobook

Library Find Friday has returned!  (At least for this week)

Two rhyming books we've enjoyed immensely:

1.  Come Over To My House
      by Theo.LeSieg
 Vintage 1966 Seuss  LeSeig Come Over to My House with B-44 dustjacket beginner book

This book, in true Dr. Seuss form, rhymes throughout, while describing all sorts of houses people live in all over the world:

Some houses are wide.
Some houses are thin
Some are so thin
you can hardly get in.

But wherever you go,
you will hear someone say,
"Come over to my house.
Come over and play!"

The pictures are colorful and fun, children are depicted doing different activities in different cultures.  A truly fun and eye-opening story!

2.  The Seven Silly Eaters
      by Mary Ann Hoberman

The illustrations, by Marla Frazee make this book worth purchasing, though I haven't done so myself.

The rhymes are great, going through the life of Mrs. Peters, starting with one child and ending up with seven.

Now time went by as time will do;
And as it passed, the children grew.
The problem was that as they grew,
Their appetites kept growing, too!
But not their choice of what to eat:
Each child continued to repeat
They wanted what they'd had before--
The trouble was
They wanted more!

Each of them has a particular food they will only eat, and by the end, Mrs. Peters has lost all joy and energy. But just when she is about to fall apart, her children surprise her with the best birthday present ever!

The witty rhymes and pictures depicting a chaotic but loving atmosphere make this a book to enjoy over and over!

3. Snow Treasure
    by Marie McSwigan
    narrated by John McDonough

Snow Treasure is truly a treasure.  We listened to it in the van on audiobook.  The reading of John McDonough makes it even better.  Look for other stories read by him as well....you're in for a real treat.

The story itself is set in Norway during WWII.  The children of a little village are entrusted with the covert job of bringing bricks of gold down to the river by sled to get them away from the Nazi soldiers' grasp.

The children rise to the task and work very hard for their country, sliding gold down the hill day after day, right in front of the soldiers who don't suspect children....or do they?

Full of suspense and thrill and joy, this is based on a true story during that tumultuous time.

And if you live around here, they have the CD's at our public library.

Happy reading!

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Anonymous said...

"Snow Treasure" is a ***MUST*** read for any child loving to uphold right! I read the book more than 40 years ago and still love it today as much as I did then. Excellent choice!