10 November 2012

Can I Measure Up?

Once again I got in line, some people in front of me and others behind.

It's a horrid line to be in.  The place it leads to brings pride and despondence, both.

Because in some ways I'm not so good.  I don't have a home full of order or pizzazz.  I don't have perfectly behaved children.  They need haircuts and their clothes don't always match.  Sometimes they say and do the wrong things.  Lots of times I fail to train well, to lead them correctly or prepare them for what lies ahead.

Yet in some ways I seem all right.  The neighbor kids in the apartments come inside and look around...."Wow, you have a nice house."  My children don't normally curse or perform mean actions against others.  They're pretty smart.  Sometimes they say amazingly wise and insightful things.  By God's grace, sometimes I get a glimpse at beauty growing in them and me.

Pride and despondence.

Neither from God.

I hop out of line and return to the well.

Where I'll never measure up but it's okay.  I don't need to.  There's no one behind me and no one in front of me.

Only worshiping Worthy Jesus,the God-Man-Who-Measures-Up, Who obliterates all lines.  

I drink His living water.

He fills me with hope, humility, wisdom, love, righteousness.

Back in the place I belong.


Julianna Lawson said...

I find myself in this line way too often, Dayna. It can be a debilitating place to linger. Thank you so much for sharing! Such good reminders.

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

Love you guys! ....and miss you!

Anna said...

Thanks for this - the images resonate with me! I am struggling this week with dwelling in the place of all that I wish I was and need to drink His living water also!