11 October 2012

A Few Funny Thoughts


A neighborhood mom stood in front of my home with a baby in a stroller.  She told me how she wasn't sure what to do now that her kids were in school--minus the baby.  So she's getting ready for Christmas.  I stared, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

For some reason this fall has been challenging for me...and trying to get through each moment is about all I can do.  Christmas will have to wait for December.

Because of my challenges, I'm trying to find things to laugh at.  On my last grocery trip I found out that you can buy watermelon seeds in bulk; they're next to the sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 

I also found an inflatable mounted moose head at the thrift store.  I mean, this could change lives.  Men wouldn't need to go out hunting if they knew of this.  Women with great decorating skill could hang these in their living rooms and people would be amazed.  But at a steep $12.00  I had to leave it there.

Today I sat with a few home school moms during our kids' Spanish class.  I mentioned, in the course of conversation, that I like to lay in bed and think about different outfits I could put together from my closet.  Then I looked down at my old Crocs, worn out, too long jeans, and black athletic jacket.  One mom remarked, "You must stay up all night figuring that out!"

All said, maybe if I hang a moose head above my bed and get my winter clothes from the basement, my challenges will seem a little less challenging.


snapdragon said...

LOL!!! I LOVE the moose. You could name him Chocolate and then always have Chocolate Moose in the house!!!

Katie @ Creatively Living said...

haha! I love it! I would do a blog post on the moose head! Wow watermelon seeds.....I'm going to have to google and see if there are actually recipes for those!

Love you!

Julianna Lawson said...

You make me smile :).

Keith said...

Laughter is good medicine! Thanks for sharing sister - I liked the comment made about dreaming all night about that outfit. I love you and am excited to see you and the fam next week!!!