27 September 2012

A Garden Tour, Part Final

There's so much in my mind and heart to write, yet so little.

Someday maybe all my thoughts will come back in coherent sentences instead of random ramblings I think of like taming kittens and how that compares to our showing God's goodness to children.  Thoughts like James and Paul talking for hours about their experiences with Jesus.  I hope I can see a video of that someday.

And like how my little nine year-old gardener/farmer got to experience his ultimate dream last week....seeing the largest pumpkin at the state fair.  Over 1200 pounds is what I've been told.  I've also been told the goal is to grow his own next summer.  It requires basically a swimming pools' worth of water a day to accomplish.  And taking out our side yard.  Hmmmm.

So here's the young farmer's garden this year:

This is a tunnel leading into a teepee.  The tunnel is made of wire grid with yard long runner beans
growing over it.  And birdhouse gourd vine taking over.

One of the only times I've felt like a good mom is when the kids and I bought the wire and poles and I took them out to the parking lot and hoisted them onto the top of the van, secured them, and drove home.  I was proud.

Walking stick kale
Last night we sat on a hill and watched thousands of swifts at dusk fly into a chimney. As we waited for them to circle into bed, along with a couple hundred other people, I joked to my husband that he should get up and preach.

He looked at me and said, the swifts will do the preaching.

And so might the pumpkins, and the kale and the birdhouse gourds....speaking to our humanity the intricate wisdom and creative authority of our Creator.

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Katie @ Creatively Living said...

That is really, really cool! Tell the kids good job!