31 May 2012

Rocks and Socks

 The three older boys were invited to visit their grandparents for a few days.

I took the time to investigate....what was in that backpack I confiscated awhile ago because
a couple first graders were playing with matches?

And I've passed by a vest many times, lifting it briefly from its hook with a passing thought, why does this weigh at least twenty pounds?

Also a pink striped bag looked unassuming but had been lying around since Easter...what was in it?

I got my answer...Rocks.  And Socks.

All this from a seven year-old boy who lost his tooth eating cotton candy this weekend.
Cotton candy?

photo by Michelle of morningbellsphotography.com


Kimberly H. said...

Super sweet picture :)
And post!

Kimberly H. said...

It's me again! I just clicked on the link to Morning bells photography. She is so good! And your family pics are so sweet!