11 January 2012

A Smattering of Scatterings

It's been almost two weeks since my last posting.  Not since last year, actually.

And since then the days have been full, as I'm sure yours have as well.  There's been rejoicing and heartache and much in between.

Brian and I got away for 24 peaceful, serene, uninterrupted hours for our 13th anniversary.   Someday I'll be inviting all the kids to come with us because I don't need any more quiet, but for now, sitting by a cozy fire in front of an enticing view was a wonderful gift.

While we were away my sister came and took our crib (with permission).  The washing machine tech. found a mini screwdriver in the drum, and my dad put gypsum all over our lawn.  We were the only house with what looked like a dusting of snow.

Thirteen years and the crib is gone.  So is my favorite serving bowl we got for a wedding gift from Sally.  I really liked that bowl, but alas, just before year thirteen someone bumped it and it broke on the tile floor.  We've spend more money than I ever want to know on mini screwdrivers in washing machines, paperclips in specialty toilets, and raisins in noses.  Do they count those things when they tally up how much it costs to raise a child?

But maybe this year our lawn will look a little better.

This is how it is...changes, challenges, hopes, and God in it all.

It is a new year, but I bring much of the old into it.  Yet I'm looking to God to continue to create me anew.
To root out rot and decay.  To fill me with life.

My sister and I are on a 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge and tonight my husband told me I could keep doing it for another 30 days.

Who doesn't like to be encouraged?  It reveals a lot about me, too.

As 2012 gets less new and more comfortable, I do pray I continue to change and grow more like Jesus.  That I fall more in love with Him and walk more closely to Him each day.

In all the smatterings and scatterings that make up these full days, may His Spirit fill and fill.