24 January 2011


Once I again I am confronted with my utter lack of tact and gentleness.  Oh don't I know...my sin is ever before me.  I mean, how can a simple question (albeit given in a whiny voice) make one feel so many emotions inside?  How can one sweet child bring out the ugliness within me.

"I want the Blue bowl."  Okay, it's not a question, but it's inferred.  Or maybe it's, "Not spaghetti for lunch?!!!"
And all the sudden a new person emerges from within and the result is awful.  Wretched.  I am ashamed.

Reading in Luke I notice how Jesus visits a religious, righteous man's home for dinner.  All night, a woman of poor reputation sits at His feet and wets them with her tears.  Then she wipes them with her hair.  Then she pours expensive perfume over them.

And He reads this man's mind.  He knows his friend (Simon) is scandalized by Him letting this sinful woman do this to Him. 

Yet instead of blasting Simon with the truth...That this sinner is much better than him...That this religious ruler is ignorant of the fact that deity is visiting him and he should very well be groveling right there with her, He asks a question.

He asks a question.

I want to be like Him. I want to respond slowly to the sin in others and graciously call them higher. Ask questions. Love well.

I want to be like her.  I want to continually recognize my errant ways and live at His feet. 

So we grab the sunshine and bask in the gift.  We head to the trails and play tag in the deserted parking lot.  I can't fix all my errors, but I can trust that Love covers over a multitude of sins.

I can't give up.

I give thanks, back to my attempts on Mondays, to count my gratitude:


Peanut butter and jelly cheeks
Kissing those said cheeks
My husband's eye continuing to heal
Singing voice of the baby
Chicken Soup
Strength for each day
New songs to learn
Delight in the sunshine
Fish jumping
Learning how to do this teaching thing!
A draw of my heart to trust more fully
Hot coffee in the morning
Playing tag with my children
Reading books with my children
Playing games with them all
Timmy's excitement over animals
Piano progress
Being okay with messes (to some degree)

(And if you're wondering what question He asked Simon, just go to Luke 7:36-50 and let the Words work in you, too!)