29 January 2011

Picks of the Week

As challenging as it is to be a stay-at-home mom, I try to continually remind myself of the gift it truly is.
At any time our life circumstances could change and require me to return to the work force.

I think of the things we've enjoyed this week and realize how much I'd miss if I weren't here.  At home.  With these little ones who are rapidly growing and developing their own personhood.  Becoming more independent each day.

Like the oldest who made his own tea.  The second oldest who did the breakfast dishes all by himself.  The baby who keeps practicing the words, "pees....Mommy."  (There is a three second break between the two words.  It's so much nicer than screams.)

We went to the library and came home with a large, new selection.  One I'd grabbed off the shelf, thinking it would be good for my little girl and assuming it was a spinoff of The Seven Chinese Brothers was called The Seven Chinese Sisters.

 It quickly became everyone's favorite for a few days.  It boasts a scooter, dragon, ball and baby...good for both brothers and sisters!

I'm also thankful for a new crockpot....it's 6 quarts and quite the machine.  It  keeps things warm after they're done cooking.  You can set a timer for how long you want to cook.

The funniest part was a description on the box that read "feeds up to seven people."  Seriously?  I guess we're talking American standards, here.  We are trekking at a rapid pace toward the teen years so maybe then it won't seem so huge!

We got a new vacuum.  (It's feast or famine here).  Both the crockpot and vacuum had been held together with duct tape for some time...the vacuum was nearly impossible for the kids to use as the handle fell off half the time and had to continually be duct taped back on.  So when I had to allot an hour to vacuum our top floor (which should not take very long), and even then it wasn't getting clean, we broke down and got one. 

Yesterday I put it together and am marvelling at the joy of running a machine over the carpet and seeing it get clean (and without a piece of duct tape anywhere in sight).  I had to stop myself from vacuuming again last night reminding myself it was more important to spend time with the little ones.

We've also started swimming lessons, had a visit from a friend we haven't seen for quite a while, and had some other friends over to share what all of them have been learning in nature studies. 

Sock puppets with Aunt Heidi and Cousin Elias were also a joy.

Tassels.  Conner's new craft pastime.

A special dinner with two amazingly gracious women who have loved God hard and long.  We begin by holding hands and singing Jesus Loves Me and end with the children protesting the fact they have to go home.  Sometimes we wonder if these children of ours understand how rich their experiences are.  These people who invest in them are rare jewels.

The zoo.  A perfect time.  Fascinating.  Never want to leave.

Patricia St. John's book, Treasures Of the Snow.  This is the third book by her Brian's read to the older boys.  I hear about them at the dinner table and they sound wonderful.  I have to put a time limit on it at night because I don't think Brian would stop if I didn't.

I read this morning before the children arise in Luke 10.  Jesus says to the 72 disciples amazed that the spirits are obeying them...rejoice not for that, but that your names are written in heaven.  So while I acknowledge my blessings, I rejoice fully because in all this life there is hope.  My name is written in heaven!

***Disclaimer:  Life is also full of the daily challenges.  Like when Timmy takes a sharpie to multiple light-colored couches, chairs and bedspreads and just then our beloved neighbor comes over to say goodbye as she leaves our area to care for her mom.  This is just one of many, many.  But I see His grace.  It is enough!