01 October 2010

Less than thankful

Yesterday was a tough day.  By dinner my soul was frazzled and I wished I could have taken back at least 90% of what I'd said....not a good feeling to carry around in one's heart.

And as I carried the sopping wet enchilada to the garbage, watching it expand with spilled water, my heart grumbled.

Something like--"if only we had a larger eating area we wouldn't be so crowded together and things wouldn't get spilled as easily."

Changing out the plate for new food for our three year-old (no, the spill wasn't her fault), I returned to the deck table where we were eating.

Shortly after that the inevitable happened.  A question that occurs during every dinner; I could add it to the basic laws of nature (there is a list out there somewhere, right?).....This time it was Dawsy, "Is it dessert night?"

My grumbling heart tensed and I responded from it, "Can't you just be thankful for what you have?  We have a lovely dinner here, a lovely evening, happy, healthy children, and all you can think about is dessert!"

Now I know God doesn't slap us in the face, but I think He used my words to do something similar!  He is a good God who disciplines those He loves, and He held a mirror right up to my face in my own words to my 5 year-old.

Yes, yes, let it come, Father.  I know Your chastening is good.  And I thank You for all the good right in front of me; don't let me lose sight of Your gifts in my life. 

I think He's also laughing at me...did you ever think you'd see a kitten in a purple camouflage cast under my marigolds????!!!!!????!!!!!

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Julianna Lawson said...

Oh, I know those wet enchilada days too well. Love you! (But I'm laughing at you, too -- a purple camouflage cast?! That's too much.)