10 October 2010

Haba na Haba

There's this advice out there in the financial realm, where they say that if you have multiple areas of debt to pay off, start with the littlest amount.  Even if it's not the one with the most interest.  They say that proving to yourself that you can do it, and to see your goal become a reality in a short period of time boosts confidence.

So I was thinking that maybe this theory could be applied to other areas of life too.  Say, projects.

I've got multiple areas of projects and just can never figure out where to start.  In taking the experts' advice this week I decided to start with my bedroom.

There really is no place for a sitting area.  And a couple of the children rise early making the living area not as private as I'd like when spending time with the Lord, plus now I need a place to sit and think about which project is the next in line.

Naturally I got rid of Brian's dresser, but don't worry, we consolidated our clothes into the other one.

I am using a deck chair and a t.v. table until I find a good deal sometime since my budget was $0.00.  I will wait patiently for some amazing cushy, small chair and table full of character to come knocking on my door and ask "will you take me in?"  (Maybe this is why I never finish projects, that sounds like an unrealistic expectation!)

My next project was for a baby shower.  The idea was hatched well over a year ago and yesterday I purposed to finish one.  It's not anywhere near professional, but it's finished!

It's a baby wipe travel holder.  Here's the back.

I know, it's amazing....if you wanted to talk to me this week, you might not be able to catch me as I'm expecting a call from Rachel Ray (oh, wait, she does food!)....and after I meet with her, I think I'll get to work putting in a basement bathroom.

Oh yeah, on to the title of this silly piece.  When my mom was helping me prepare to go to a Swahili speaking country (if I told you which I might have to kill you), we learned this phrase "Haba na haba whojaza keebaba"  which means "little by litttle fills the measure."

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