08 September 2010

This is Monday.
She fell face first into a bog.
Her face and hair are also green and brown but you cannot see that as she is crying and I felt it would be too mean to ask her to look up so I could take her picture when really what she needed was a mommy who would sympathize and help her get cleaned up.

This is Tuesday.
A ballerina dressed in white.
Clean through and through.
And smiling big.

What a difference a day can make!

p.s.  do you see all the leaves on the ground in picture one?  they were crunching under my feet!!

p.s.s.  homeschool update:  tomorrow's the start date, but today C and I schooled in the bathroom...
he learned some important concepts: top to bottom, what cleaners work where, how to hold a spray bottle so it sprays, the importance of occupying the baby, and maybe, though I won't get my hopes up, why it is always easiest just keep the bathroom clean in the first place!!!


snapdragon said...

This made me smile- both the bog and the bathroom!

Julianna Lawson said...

I love it! I'm smiling, too.