29 March 2010

Wonderful. Merciful. Savior.

i came, feeling nothing, and yet feeling like nothing...have you been there?
the songs came and went, i wanted to worship, i really did.  yet i felt nothing.
i felt i had nothing to offer.  who am i to offer praise and thanks to the King of
Kings when my heart is such a mess?
so i sat and listened and waited and tried.  i tried.
then a visiting couple came forward and sang, sang just before the singing ended and i would
truly have left without really connecting.
they sang, and it was beautiful.  but more than that, the song was handpicked for me.  well, i know it really wasn't, because they don't know me at all.  but i know it really was, because the King does know me and He wanted me to remember that.  out of all songs, i can't think of one that would have been more suitable...because He knew.
the song i've danced to with each of my children in the living room, praising Him with all i am, it's the song that i request my brother to learn and play for me when he stays here.  it's the song that speaks to my inner being, shouts that He will fill my hunger, He will heal, He rescues.
Overwhelmed, i leave.  no longer feeling nothing.
Who would have thought that a Lamb would rescue the souls of men?

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Kimberly H. said...

Beautiful how Christ works! Thank you for sharing such a moment that many (maybe I should go ahead and say "I") can relate to...been there. Praise Him for His Rescue!