25 January 2010

Pruning Days

I've been getting outside on nice days this January.  To prune.  Three apple trees right in a row: Golden, Gravenstein, and Granny.  Then a Cherry, two Walnuts, and the Tulip tree whose name eludes me right now.  There are miscellaneous bushes between these, too.

The big pine I can't get at--I must leave it to the professionals.

Last year these trees and bushes were neglected--being eight months pregnant limited my ability and energy.

How much happens in a year...death, life, joy, and sorrow intermingle like branches twisting and scratching each other, clinging and supporting. 

And so I write.  A first line, post, offering.  To the One and for the One--Jesus Christ--Whom I've given my life to.  Will You clean me up?  Trim away the useless, dead, confused, tangled places in me?  Will You cleanse me with hyssop; wash me so I will be whiter than snow?

Maybe use this little speck of cyberspace to accomplish a good pruning in me?

For Your glory,

Much Afraid


Julianna Lawson said...

Watching you grow more and more beautiful as He prunes . . .

Kimberly H. said...

Love your true to life analogy in this, your first post.