09 October 2015

Weather Changes

Yesterday was a windy, warmish October day.  So I washed my dirty sheets and blankets and even mattress cover and hung them outside to dry.

I breathed the smell of them thankfully as I snuggled into bed last night.  I am pretty confident that was the last hung-dry-outside opportunity till May.  And it makes my heart ache, because I was made for warmth.

But I will be watching and believing that there will be different opportunities this winter.  

Opportunities for good conversation.  For change in my heart and in my words and in my motives and in my actions.  

For fires and books and thinking and dreaming and working diligently.  For praying.  For surrendering.  For listening and sometimes speaking.  For hope and joy and choosing to trust.

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.

These are words to cling to whichever land we dwell in.  Trust in the Lord.  Do good.  
Dwell, really dwell in the land.  And befriend faithfulness.

Passage from ESV Psalm 37.4 



K. Moore said...

Yes, so good, and true! NKJV says "feed on His faithfulness". Either way, dwelling in the land is fueled by our trusting in His faithfulness, and linked with our doing good.

Dayna said...

Good insight. I am intrigued by the phrase...NIV says "enjoy safe pasture." We see His faithfulness as we trust Him and continue to do good. You embody this, K.