29 August 2015

A Divine Appointment

I stand in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.  The northern Washington beach breathes rugged and beautiful life and I am in awe.  We've just explored the tide pools, and now they are tucked away by the summer waves as the tide rolls in.

Timmy and I take one last frolic in the waves before ascending up a half mile to the parking lot.  I hear my name called by my husband and turn around to submit to leaving this beach but the voice continues in a different tone.  An excited, unusual tone.  "Come here, quick!  The Holten's are here!"

Suddenly I am waking up from a deep sleep in a strange place and cannot recall where I am.

The last time we saw them they had visited us in North Dakota where we picnicked and swam at Lake Sakakawea.  Before that, Brad was one of the final people to pull into our Vancouver driveway to say goodbye.

Truly, I could feel God's smile.  He knew beforehand about this surprise reunion in a magnificently beautiful place.  He knew what each of us had been going through and how this encounter could encourage us in a way we couldn't come up with on our own.

Better than a massage, a counseling session, or a trip to the Bahamas was this sweet meeting.

I used the word encourage and I will expand.  This family has been our encouragers for years.  In quiet, sacrificial ways, they continue to build us up and believe in our ministry and life purpose.

After spending some time with them at the beach, we headed back with our family.  As I took my last step into the forested trail for the hike up, I turned around for one last look.  Of course, Jorene was watching and  ready with a last rapid wave of her hand.  Of course.

Little Ruby Beach, hours and hours from both our homes.  Same time, same place.  I choose to believe it was more than a coincidence.

Praise the LORD, all his works, everywhere in his dominion.

Praise the LORD, O my soul.
Psalm 103


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