16 March 2012

Library Find Friday for Children: Sibling Kindness

It's rainy but there are so many good books to read that it's okay!  Right?


by Shirley Hughes

This book captured our hearts the first time we read it.  It's now wayyy overdue and I must part with it.  One of the themes that made me love this book is sibling kindness.

There are so many books that seem to encourage or at least give example of sibling rivalry or selfishness.  For me, it seems like these things come naturally and I don't need a book to give the children more examples of this kind of thinking.

But in Dogger the brothers and sister give inspiration.  Sharing an ice cream cone with his baby brother, understanding when someone was sad.

In the story the middle child, Dave has a special stuffed dog named Dogger.  The beautiful illustrations and words show Dave's special affection for his Dogger.

"At supper Dave was rather quiet.
In the bath he was even quieter.
At bedtime he said,
'I want Dogger.'
But Dogger was nowhere to be found."

The story turns to revolve around a school carnival and the lost Dogger.  Through some interesting circumstances Dogger is found, but in order to be rescued Dave's big sister chooses to sacrifice something of her own to get him back.

The Saturdays,  The Four-Story MistakeThen There Were Five,  Spider Web For Two
by Elizabeth Enright

This series of four books about four siblings is full of fun and joy.  I won't do a full review except to say we listened to these in audio book (from the library) and always looked forward to our next drive in the van.

Besides the fun story and creative household we entered, we also got to witness how the four children worked together, got along, thought of each other, and built great memories because of their kindness and love for each other.


Lastly, though not at the library or about sibling kindness, we've pulled out Patrick: A Heart Afire radio theater by Focus on the Family.  The two episodes dramatize the life of St. Patrick, missionary to Ireland.
You can download the two episodes for under $2.00 each.

Now, off to read to my little ones!

Any good sibling kindness books you'd recommend?


Dayna said...
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Dayna said...

A wonderful reader sent me this e-mail:
"Homecoming and Dicey's Song are about sibling care."