28 April 2011

Family Fun

I am so grateful for my family.  They go to great lengths to show their love...undeserved love at that.

Lengths like driving over on Sunday after their own large (very large in my brother's case) Easter commitments.  Getting here at 6:00.  Tired but instantly receiving the five little bodies nearly coming out of their skin in joy at their arrival.

If the said parents and brother hadn't come when they did, I'm afraid the children would have indeed come out of their skin.

Lengths like playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" duets over and over with the newest piano student.  Like wearing lion costumes and wrestling in the basement.  Like arranging ribboned flowers on a ballet outfit and taking seriously exactly the best way to put them on.

Lengths like taking apart the basement piping and cleaning them out so the bathtub will drain once more.  Like letting me get away for a while and making and cleaning up breakfast.

Then there's my sister who actually lives near.  Today she taught the kids how to pin.  Yeah.  Pin.  Like into fabric.  It doesn't come naturally you know.

One day she came and watched my four and two year-olds while we went on a field trip.  Only a sister would invite another friend over for a play date at my home...

And then make no-bake cookies with my daughter and bake them!  Did you hear me?
BAKE no-bake cookies.
(and for the record, they were pretty good)

My family is fun and for some reason they've not decided to disown me and mine yet.  I consider them a continual source of God's rich grace.  To Him be all thanks.