18 March 2011

Facing the Inevitable (one snip at a time)

Timmy didn't start growing hair until he was well into his first year.  By this Christmas his long tuft of hair in the back (the only hair he kept since birth) was getting rather long.  The layered look doesn't work as well when the long parts are on top and the short parts are in back.

But he's a baby, so, you know, babies look cute no matter how their hair grows.  I made a deal with myself I'd cut it on his 2nd birthday.

But turning 2 was about as much as I could handle that day.  So I put it off until tonight.

He looks so serious.  I quickly remembered to pull out a sucker...it has to be a good first experience.
I snipped.  And I prayed and thanked God for this precious life.  How impoverished my life would be without him.  Just two years and he's wormed his way in deep.

I've decided red is the new khaki and I can wear it with whatever I want.  Timmy looks somewhat satiated now.

It was an easy cut because his hair is still quite thin.  But by the end he was ready for a bath...hair in the nose is just not the best feeling.

As he got down and walked around nearly naked, ready for a bath, I got tears in my eyes thinking about this first haircut for my last baby.  I was ready to break out sobbing when I saw him peeing in the closet.  He'd gotten his diaper off to ready for his bath.

I thought about my eight year old who hated his last hair cut but did not pee in the closet.  Timmy couldn't have cared less about how well I cut his hair.  But he did leave me a mess to scrub up.  At eight, at least that's not usually the case!

So there you have it.  I think I just need to enjoy the ride.  And the snips.