11 January 2011

Nothing Much

Hes given me a new meaning for the word "Cowboy."

He started Mooing before talking and when a son's friend's dad came by (follow that?) the first thing that little guy did was run toward him mooing.

He even determined to call the donkey Mary rode on in all the Christmas books a cow.

So of course I got him two cows for Christmas.  One for each hand.  (Can you tell he's also in a shoe phase?  Those are my orange rain boots he's wearing.)

I saw a little video clip the other day and thought of my own babes.  It was so sweet and the words he says to his little boy are just what I've always purposed to say to my own cowboys and girl.  With every babe I've tucked them into their cribs and ended with "Mommy loves you.  Daddy loves you.  And Jesus loves you most of all."

(I wanted them to know that mom's love is pretty good but they soon learn it is very imperfect.  God's love is best.  He wouldn't get impatient when some little child gets out of her bed for the 8th time needing slippers, etc.)

Oh, and an update on Holly and Tom for all you who've bit your nails to bleeding for the wait.  Yes, they did end up married.  It was a three day celebration.  Now tragedy has struck....Tom is lost.  Well, they think he's visiting his mother-in-law for a while.  Holly now spends most of her time with her mother (understandably).

A forest was built for them along the Lilac Path so that sometime they can spend an afternoon chopping down trees.  Hopefully Tom will be reunited with his wife but apparently she's still quite young, three or so, so if it takes awhile it's probably for the best.  Tonight Holly was also lost but thankfully she was found resting atop the new pile of Costco toilet paper purchased recently.

Thanks for reading.  I hope something here made you smile...that's important, you know.