17 August 2010

The Wedding

Eve thick with the waiting
Beautiful this--
Sun starting on descent, growing shadows
    Make the light brighter still.

Old barn just beyond,
And on the hill stands a wooden arbor
Made just for this day...
Faith, Hope, Love carved in it
     Sacraments set for partaking.

Then he,
Stands.  Deliberate.  Confident.   Purposeful.
Knowing full well what he wants he is just about to get,
His.  Alone.
     No hesitation, he knows it is good.

And she,
     A Ruth-Woman waiting long
     For her Boaz to discover her.
Now it's here,
This day she's dreamed of over and over.

So beautiful, she is,
Deep.  Pure. Radiant. Graceful.  Alight with Joy.
Setting sun glows brightest on her face, eyes flaming love.

Enticed we gasp and sigh,
Authentic union we witness.
Deep love,
Covenant made....let it not be torn asunder.

Love fills,
They drink deep and
We watchers get the overflow....it doesn't run dry.

The kiss comes,
And they melt into one
Fitting perfectly as
From the beginning.

How could it be, this glorious union too great for words...
A picture of Christ and the church?

"Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready."


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so amazingly beautiful!!! I love this...