14 August 2010

To Laugh or to Cry? That is the Question.

There are those times when I wonder....

How could one think of  that?  Prepare ahead of time for such an action?
No, I could never make up enough rules to keep ahead of my creative children.
For instance, I should have already thought up these summer rules:

1.  Just because there are extra bottles of hand soap under the bathroom sink does not mean that you switch them out every time you wash your hands.

2.  When you finish threshing your wheat you grew in a 2x2 plot in the garden last fall, do not leave the stalks all over the front yard.

3.  Please do not drink the nectar from the hummingbird feeder.  You'll get sticky syrup all over the deck.

4.  If you decide to crochet covers for rocks and make an underwater garden in the entryway flowerbed, please do not spread dirt all over the sidewalk.

5. Oh, and speaking of flowerbeds, please do not pull out the wooden border and use it to build a boat.

Now, I bet you wouldn't think of this one either...

6.  If you happen to go play in a pheasant coop and gather many beautiful feathers and bring them home, please be careful if you decide to break open a ball point pen to make feather prints with.  If you drop those inky  feathers on the hardwood floor, you will get ink all over and it won't come out!

Just the beginning, just the beginning.  Do I laugh or cry?  Hmmmm, I  confess I cry way more than I laugh.

Oh Lord, help me to lighten up and laugh at these bustling, full of energy situations, for they are gifts from Your hands.


snapdragon said...

I'll trade you the boat-building for the time I walked into my bedroom to see if she was still napping and discovered a kid with bright red shirt, shorts, legs and feet. I thought she was bleeding! It was only after I started hollering that I realized it was lipstick smeared all over her (and lipstick footprints on my new carpet...).
Had I been thinking clearly I would have taken pictures before I poured soap all over her and stuck her in the tub... would have made an awesome scrapbook layout!!!
Hang in there mom, you're doing great!

Katie said...

HAHA! Laugh....we must laugh....and start a story book! John and I just started a folder for "quotes" on our desktop...mostly for Joel, becuase that kids says the CRAZIEST things!

Rules this summer, that I would have brought to attention if I only would have known:
1.) When you get in the van, you must have TWO shoes on....not just one.
2.) When you get dressed for the day, you must take your Good-Night off, and not wear it used, instead of underware....becuase you're 4 adn 6 and that's REALLY gross!
3.) There are NO spiders allowed as pets in the house! I don't really care if you love them and think they are all babies!
4.) You may not pull up and move all my pieces of nicely laid, grass-growing around them, flagstone! You'll have to find rolly-pollies a different way!

Those are the ones off the top of my head, at least!
--Love ya!