05 July 2010


I know I seem weird to many:
---Lots of kids
---Not so much cash
---Go to church a bunch
---Well, my husband even works at church, now what does he do with his day when he's not preaching? they ask.
---Choices made not only on logic, sometimes on faith
---Staying home with my kids instead of "using" my college degree
(the list could go on, you even might have a few to add as to why I'm weird!)

But even if I'm considered weird, I'm not thrown into prison or beaten for it in this country.  And for that I'm extremely grateful.  As much as each of us could say what's wrong with the U.S.A., I read stories of Christians living in other places and I thank God for my freedom.

 I may be weird for believing in an ancient book and spending time reading it every day, but I can.  And to those Christian brothers and sisters facing persecution, pain, and death, I pray God's strength and perseverance.  You are the true heroes of this world (and the one to come).

But one thing we Christ-followers all have in common is this: we are free in Christ.  We have no laws or regulations or rituals hanging over our heads in order for us to be saved.  "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free."  And that's the best freedom that could ever be had.

Other things I'm thankful for this week:


*Fresh strawberries, raspberries and cherries for dessert
*Freshly washed children
*Baby Tim plucking books from the shelves and plopping into my lap for a story (or at least a look at the pictures together)

*Boys creating cool beetle traps
*Living in a time and place where food is not scarce
*Running into a good friend at the store
*First of the season bouquets of sweet peas
*Baby singing in his crib when he awakes
*The beauty of an ever-changing, ever-shifting sky and a God who never does

*A full night's sleep
*Healing ears
*Kind neighbors
*A faithful and kind husband who lives with me in an understanding way
*Boys reading books
*Brother playing strange instruments
*Rock Museums
*Generations come together
*Van that keeps on running
*Time to hang out with the neighbors

photos:  more shots at cherry harvest: mom and husband working, dawsy driving the kitten around, picking raspberries with great-grandpa, the rock museum set up by conner&co. in the old playhouse, father's day fathers, keith on an Australian instrument, the diggory doo

   verse: galatians5.1


Katie said...

Haha! I love all the pictures! We miss you and you're crazy bunch! I think my kids think you're a #1 mom, cause when I've said no to things lately, or punished them, they ask me if you do that with your kids! haha! I usually can say, probably so....you can call her and ask!

Lora said...

i love this. so honest and true. great writing!