12 June 2010

Annual Check-up Arrives

Birthday number Thirty-Three

I could write about all the ways I am now noticing my age, but where does that get me or anyone else?      What is is what is.

Instead, I'll list my riches; those things the Lord has in His abundant grace seen fit to give me at least for a time....

Those two lovely people holding my new nephew are my parents.  They are celebrating their 34th Anniversary today.  And as I begin to think of all the ways in which I am so richly blessed, this must come first.

I think of that old Dolly Parton song,

Rocking Chairs, Rocking Babies,
Rock-abye, Rock of Ages, 
Side by side,
We'll be together always.

And if you hold me tight when you love me
That's all I ask of you,
And I'll stand by you 
Through these rockin' years.

That's my folks.
They have displayed a lasting, loving marriage and it has made me immeasurably rich.  And they added a good dose of loving God in the mix.  It's a recipe that just works and is worth repeating in my own life.

So thanks, Mom and Dad.  Even though I didn't even give you a year to yourselves (remember, I just turned 33), you did great.  Keep it up!!!

photos:  my parents holding baby nephew, Noelle and I at the beach (a little birdie came to have hot cocoa with her),  Timmy wet at his buddy's first birthday party, playing in the hammock, Conner with lei he made out of Rhodies, biker boy, little feet couldn't resist the homemade playdough

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Julianna Lawson said...

Happy, happy birthday, Dear One!