31 May 2010


I've been struggling with the sun's hesitancy to shine these past couple of weeks.  A few days of rain are okay with me because when it's really nice, I never want to be inside to cook, clean, do laundry; basically I take a break from running the household and after a while that's not so good.  But when the sun refuses to shine for days on end, my soul gets sick.

To the point that I call my unsuspecting husband to pray for me and ask if he might seriously consider finding work in a sunnier location???  (no, we have no real plans to move)

To the point where I get out my thankful notebook and ask seven-year-old son whatever can we be thankful about because my soul is sick and I cannot see the blessings all around me.

His and my list:

#13 Erector set
#14 Glass windows (this is always our go-to from the Little House series)
#15 Frozen blueberries
#16 Shelter from the rain
#17 Visits from friends bringing yummy tea and snacks to share
#18 Toilets, yes, they are wonderful inventions, just flush it right down...well, usually!

#19 Phones to connect to others we love

#20 Purple
#21 Baby nephew to snuggle
#22 Grandmas and Grandpas to love and be loved by
#23 Hi-five's
#24 Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant sung by all my boys together at night
#25 Beautiful couples just married reminding of passionate love and the joy of matrimony
#26 Acts chapter 4--they remembered Peter and John were with Jesus, Who is the Only One salvation can be found!!!

holy experience

Brian pointed out to me an order in creation in Genesis 1 which I'd not noticed before.  But it brought me hope.  It is so repetitious it's sad I've never noticed before.  "And there was evening, and there was morning--the first day."  This repeats for all six days of creation, evening and morning, evening and morning.....

Why evening first, and then morning? 

Maybe because LIGHT comes last.  Full restoration, newness, clarity, refreshment...New CREATION!!!

Not until He restores all things will the true morning star rise, the day dawn, and all things be made new....light will never fade away. 

 And I anticipate these promises even more so on these gray days of May!

photos:  family afternoon at Horning's Hideout, Noelle's first fish!


Traci Michele said...

Nice to meet you! Found you over at A Holy Experience!

Katie said...

Yea! You finally got the comments section up and running :) Love the pics of the kiddos! Love those kiddos!