11 November 2016

On Election 2016

There was once a kind, well-meaning young man who asked me out on a date during my high school years.  I knew it was not meant to be when he couldn't find our driveway.  Now, many people had a hard time locating our driveway, but most eventually found it.  Not him.  He decided to just park at the mailbox and walk across the bridge over our irrigation canal.

This was my route to the bus, but not to a car.  So when he took me that way to his car and then took me to the local diner filled with smoke, where the server vacuumed near us all evening, I knew it was a no go.  Not on your life.  God bless you and keep you and don't call again.

I wish all things were that clear.  Today I find myself really struggling with our country and its choices both nationally and locally, and no articulate way to vocalize my deep concerns.

Right now I am that young man, trying to find the driveway, not sure where to park or where to go to eat.  But I won't settle for easy.  I'll keep looking till I find what's best.  It may take awhile, but there are many of us searching.  We will find each other and try again.  Or start something new.

It is a good country, and I am thankful to be an American.

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Keith said...

This song has helped me through this election cycle: "Kyrie Eleison"

Hope it helps you too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6teNwbdhTt4