23 June 2016

On Assignment


Recently I became an Instagram user.  I really enjoy observing how people express their creativity in word and image.

First, I had to create an account and set up my profile page.

As I worded and reworded my IG profile, I finally rested on a description that summed it up fairly well.

"On assignment in North Dakota as a pastor's wife and mom of 5.  Loving it.  Every moment counts."

On assignment.  It makes me feel purposeful.  It clarifies my moments and choices .  It makes it not so lasting, while at the same time gives urgency to using the time here well, however long it is.

It also conveys the truth that there is Someone over me giving me assignments.  I picture an army officer awaiting his orders, ready to go where he is called, to do the job set before him as best he can.

For me that Someone is God.  I believe He is a God who is trustworthy and good, perfectly able to make all my assignments work together for good, both for me and those I love.

Everywhere I go, everything I do, all opportunities, challenges, heart breaks, joys, pains, each in its time is an assignment.

What is your assignment these days?   Your large assignment?  Your small daily or seasonal assignment?  How can you seek to hone in on the calling you're given?