18 February 2016

2015 Before I Forget

Three things that define my 2015.

1.  I learned to like grapefruit.  

There is something really fun about finding a new food to savor.  That's why I waited so long, apparantly!

2.  I grew lemon verbena.

It's the sound of the name, the smell of the leaves, the sight of the delicate, viney plant with little white flowers.  I've been wanting to grow it for quite some time, and 2015 was the year.

Mount Auburn Cemetary, Cambridge

3.  I went to Boston with my husband.

Honestly, I still can't believe it even though I have pictures and memories and it's in writing.  But we did go.  We toured the city, the historical sites, Harvard Yard, the famous cemeteries.  We stayed at a cheap-ish B&B in Little Italy on the 5th floor and ate amazing Italian and seafood.  We walked almost everywhere and stopped into real Italian grocery stores and ate real cannoli at quaint Italian bakeries.  We basked in history and culture, which was deeply life-giving.

With thanks to our church family for providing funds for airfare and my parents for staying with the kids and putting us up with food and lodging.  I hope one of my kids goes to college there.  I'd like to visit and experience more.  Actually, living there for a year would be a dream come true!

other huge highlights;


A friend brought this idea to bear at our church, having someone praying for specific things for a string of 48 hours combined.

The evening of culmination, where many of us gathered to pray together, was overwhelming for me.  I sat at a table with 7 others, some of them my own sons, their friends, their siblings, parents.  That night I wept, wept for pure unworthiness, that I could bear witness to these precious souls praying together for over an hour, begging God to act in His goodness and power in our lives and the places we inhabit.

Even more highlights:  Conner playing his first full piano recital, getting a baby grand piano, having an amazing housemate, an extremely blessed trip to Washington State and Glacier National Park, getting back in shape and enjoying new work out friends, having coffee with many amazing women and talking about Jesus, being a part of a cool engagement story, working with a super cool KidsMinistry staff at church, having friends and family come visit, and I could just keep on going.  It is good to review.  It is good to not get so bogged down in the difficult that I lose sight of the tremendous gifts.

Petersen Parade for my brother and sister-in-law
Housemate Becca
Washington coast

Conner and Beth his piano teacher
Counting God's gifts.  Remembering.  'Tis healthy for the soul.

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