07 August 2012

3 Things White

I'm liking printing off Ann Voskamp's Joy Dares each month.

Each day is a challenge to find three categories of things to be thankful for.
August first was three things white.

I like this because it forces me to be creative in my thankfulness, forces me to be intentional, too.

Three Things White

My brother calls in evening sunlight, slow pauses between exchanges as we communicate from Washington, USA to Papua New Guinea.  After a few minutes I realize he has something to say.  He tells me he proposed.  I say congratulations and back up....what did she say???


Her voice appears on the line and she says a laughing, joyful yes!  This girl I've prayed for the past twenty years.  She's here and I rejoice in God's faithful kindness, their story one of grace and heartache, healing and hope.  Both loving God, and in love with each other.

I look forward to early 2013, a new sister in a white dress.

We ride our bikes, my boys and I, three minutes down to the Dairy Queen.  In the laundry mat next door the music blares "Eye of the Tiger" as we sit on the bench, all eight of us, and enjoy our ice cream cones.  I take my two year-old nephew to his home, just right there, too.

Never have I believed I would live near family.  Hoped, yes.  Believed, no.  Now, my sister and her family live just a ten minute walk.

I can see the whites of their eyes, live life and love them, closer than I ever dreamed.

The kids visit a beautiful beach, clam with their granddaddy.  I stay behind. But Dawsy doesn't forget me.  He wraps me up a lovely shell complete with the sweetest letter.

The white shell, white paper, gift of a son and his thoughtfulness.

I am healthier and happier when I think of God's gifts, everywhere, if I just pause to see.

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