23 July 2012

Raspberries and Toblerone

My brother stayed with us a few summers ago and started a tradition.  When the sunflowers in the garden bloom, we share with the neighbors.  This year we added a bag of Raspberry Crumble Muffins to the gift.

They are incredible.  To ensure you believe me I will tell you a story.  I made them for my sister's baby shower two years ago and she looked at me with scorn.  Scorn, I tell you, because she LOVES raspberries and could not BELIEVE I would damage them in an oven.

After she ate one, though, she asked for the recipe and made me some the next year.  See?  They're incredible.

Also, I met up with two of my girlfriends from college.  One was traveling through though she resides in Texas.  We made three stops before we found a Toblerone.  But we did.  Because they're very important.

We had our first Toblerone moment when I shared one with them on the top of Middle Sister in the Three Sisters Wilderness.  We've eaten them at weddings, birthdays, births, and now every time we're together because it's not very often.  For sixteen years now we've enjoyed these moments.

Hopefully someday we'll get a check from Toblerone.

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