02 March 2012

Library Find Friday For Children: Nature Books

For this issue of Library Find Friday I'm looking at a few nature books.  I'm not sure if books on nature help us enjoy nature more or being out in nature helps us enjoy books on it, but either way, they really enhance the natural experience.

This beautifully illustrated book, I Call It Sky, by Will C. Howell is a worthy read.  In a poetic tone, each page explores an aspect of the air.  Breezes, snow, rain, fog, wind, storms are all covered twice as in the first pages they are explained, and in the last pages, they are experienced by the children in the photos.

The vibrant illustrations and beautiful words inspire joy in the world around us.

I know about the quiet summer air because I can see the still flowers resting on green picket stems.

I know about a summer breeze because I can hear it stirring the leaves nesting in the branches.  I like to listen to the secrets it whispers to me.

I Celebrate Nature
by Diane Iverson 

We all loved this little book.  There are just a few words per page, but they are sweet words...

I love to chatter with the birds

and watch them fly up in the air.

I help the puffballs scatter seeds

through meadows broad and far.

The illustrations are by the author who is a specialist in drawing birds and animals in North America.  For this reason, all of the kids here loved the book.  The illustrations are amazingly detailed and absolutely worth losing yourself in for a while.  This book will be on the drawing table when we sit down to sketch nature!

Crinkleroot's Nature Almanac by Jim Arnosky

What a fun find!  This book appeals to all ages and is packed full of nature information in seasonal order.

As I've looked through this book I've seen where the kids have gotten various ideas like planting popcorn.  I have popcorn plants on the kitchen windowsill and Rals just realized they're ready to transplant but the outside weather isn't ready for them....what a great learning experience!

There's inspiration for leaf booklets, information on animal tracks, games to play, pictures to find, puzzles to solve...all with guidance and direction from Crinkleroot who was "born in a tree and raised by bees."  That's right!

Apparently there are at least 12 more Crinkleroot books but I haven't read any of the others yet.

The Bumper Book of Nature by Stephen Moss

I saw this book at a museum bookstore and wrote down the title...checked it out at the library and then Conner requested it for Christmas from his grandparents.  It is beautifully and simply illustrated.  Included are pages of identification, activities, crafts, caring for nature, lore, and much more.  Some activities include having a snail race, cooking fiddlehead ferns, making an old fashioned quill pen, and making elderflower cordial or fritters.

It is organized by season and also by location.  If you're looking for nature ideas, this is a great book to check out at the library!

Have a nature book you'd recommend?  Please leave the title in the comments.


Julianna Lawson said...

Great finds! We like the Arnosky books, too. Another favorite, which is sort of nature-ish, is "The Year at Maple Hill Farm." I think you guys would really enjoy it! http://www.amazon.com/Year-At-Maple-Hill-Farm/dp/0689845006

Anonymous said...

I recommend a beautiful book written and illustrated by Thais Baer. It has been out-of-print for many years, but used copies are still available. The lessons are kid-friendly and Biblically based. Enjoy!