08 September 2011

Letter to a Lie

Dear Lie,

Hello.  I'm writing to let you know that I
know you're around.  For a long time now,
you've managed to stay hidden, and I have
not clearly known your existence.

Now I do.  And I'm ready to expose you
for what you are:  False, Wrong, Untrue,
and A Poor Companion.

As I also have a VERY Powerful,
Constant, and True Companion, I am
leaning on this Guide to help me discern
when you come sneakin' around.

For too long you've encouraged me to believe
I'm worthless, useless, ugly, stupid, and incompetent.

You're wrong and you know it.  So do I now.

When you visit I'm learning to escort you quickly to
the door.  You're not welcome here anymore.

I remember becoming a mother.  Five times.
And each time I got to hold that baby within
seconds of giving birth.  Each time the love
within me for that child was more powerful than
something within myself.

Now I believe that Mother-Love is gifted to us
from God.  It is a glimpse at the fierce love He
has for all of us.

Even me.

Every infant I held was full of worth, full of
potential, full of beauty, and perfectly smart
and competent at what they were right. then.

The worth comes from being.  It also comes from
the fact that once God became man so as to die for
just the child I held.  And every other child ever held.

Even me.

So lie, good riddance.  I'm off to revel in who I really am.


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