21 September 2011

Happy as Kings

We struck out upon a dike.
We talked of dikes as we walked on it, for when you read  The Wheel On the School,
you learn about dikes, sourkraut, and storks.
The sun was out and up but going down.

We walked awhile, butterfly nets and insect houses in hand.  Then we saw how low the river was to the south.  The islands of mud and silt sticking up everywhere.
Then we saw a little trail, blackberry bushes hiding it, big boulders making it an adventure to get down.
No rocks at the bottom, just silt and little islands awaiting our presence.
We move from one island to the other...
"look, there's a land bridge."

I look to the east, the mountains lit up by the setting sun...green forests covering them with passion.  And above them a haloed cloud, and above it the inspiring Mount Hood.

I took in my breath, watching the children play with my husband.  Marveling at the beauty all around.
I'd never felt so rich.  No one could take that moment from me.

This morning I read the children's poem with Dawson and Noelle:

The world is so full
Of a number of things,
I'm sure we should all
Be as happy as kings.

I thought of last night and knew exactly what Stevenson meant.

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