01 March 2011

Constant Roar

We returned from a few days' holiday at the ocean.  My husband looked at me that night and said, "Weird not hearing the ocean's constant roar, huh?"

Yes, we'd left the roar outside our windows, just down the cliff.

But no, the life-roar was still there.  The endless needs, wants, responsibilities.  The chaos of a home full of busy, inquisitive children and a mom never quite caught up.  The mounds of laundry to fold, floors to clean, papers to file.  People I want to pray for, to see, to call, to write.  Plans I want to make.  Projects I want to give attention to.  It roars.

A night or so later I'm trying to come up with a dinner meal, the children are supposedly in the living room folding laundry (loudly and articles are being flung hither and yon.)  The phone's ringing, radio's playing, bed is wet, little ones naked from a necessary bath.  The roar inside is great and I want to explode somehow.

Right in the midst of it, or maybe because of the roar, the Spirit gives a mighty gift.  A tide pool of beauty.  A precious photo-op.

Those tide pools are there, right along with the constant waves.  Waiting.  Waiting.

Will I notice?

Chocolate brownie smeared on faces,  Boys building boats with boxes and tape (for Tom's Father),
Beautiful bride and groom who love Jesus, Stories of faithful men in the past and God's
amazing work through them,  A special family vacation, Baby Juncos picking seeds out of the rhododendron bush, Friends stopping for a visit, Inspiration, New plants and spring in view, Talks with my brother, Watching crabs break carrots in half, Eyes to see, Hearts to laugh,
Starfish, Coraline, Finding a Gumboot Chiton, Caribou, Haircuts, Perfect timing...God's all.