20 November 2010

Squares of Thanks

I'd been missing my favorite blue jeans for a few days.  And I'd been through the laundry cycle more than enough times, so I went a'looking.  And there they were, just where I suspected...In my oldest's dresser drawers.

They'd still be a bit big on him, but not much.  Not much.  He borrows my shoes (just the unisex ones!) and one day soon he won't be able to anymore.  He'll be on to his father's pants and shoes.

The cloud-filled sky takes a break from its' pouring and we venture out.  Sure, there's much to be done.  More than I care to think about.

But my sister was here and helped the kids make bolsita de gracias crafts and they've been hard at work filling them up.  With squares of thanks.

I take a turn around the track, and stop to enjoy all the pictures about me.  Squares of thanks tucked into my heart and offered to my Savior.

A dog going down a slide.

A bush donning gorgeous purple berries right in time for winter.

A daughter in mittens, formal black and white plaid dress and farm girl orange and pink plaid shirt topped off with polka-dot rain boots. (and her first appearance here since chopping her hair)

A son wanting to race me with his big wheels.

All this stopping to see, to offer thanks.  Makes me wonder.  How do much I miss when I'm occupied with me???  

So maybe this Thanksgiving I'll plan a bit less, and just be here a bit more.  How about you?

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