02 August 2010

A Sense of Belonging

The deck was spilling over with children, nine in all, as my sister and our childhood friend shared lunch together.  Somehow the topic emerged of our childcare experiences as children. 

Every time my sister and I bring up one particular place and moan about it my mom rolls her eyes and tells us it was good for us.  I trust her. 

I recalled to our friend the horrid grilled cheese and tomato soup from a can served daily.  My sister recalled something else.  And we both launched into the playroom.  It was filled with books, activities, games, and toys and we detested it.

The thing was, we had to STAY IN THAT ROOM.  And not only that, but the lady in charge and her children roamed the house as they wanted.

It was very clear we didn't belong.  We weren't welcomed as part of the family or even as guests.  She wasn't mean to us, she just didn't accept us as her own for the hours we were in her home.

And isn't this what we most yearn for?

This past weekend my family and I met two of my girlfriends from college and their families in central Oregon.  It was a great trip.

But what I liked most was the sense of belonging.  Of being accepted and loved and even wanted.  These are friends with whom I don't agonize over my clothing choices or my hairdo.

 They're friends who, when staying up late at night talking, share their hearts and listen as I share mine.  We cry and we laugh and we pray together.  I'm so grateful to belong.

And in even greater measure comes the call of my Savior.  The One who has qualified me to share in the inheritance of the saints....I belong.  I even get a part of the inheritance.

"Come, come to me, my daughter.  You are mine and you are special."

"I've made it so that you belong to me for all eternity."

My Gratitude List

*Safety of my little one
*Beauty all around me
*Sighs at night and prayers for peace
*Singing and laughing children
*True friendship over the years and states
*Fresh peaches
*True Words feeding me daily
*Watching jump roping girls
*Catching grasshoppers
*Laughing at fears
*New excursions
*Little hands in mine

photos: trip to central oregon

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Desiree said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughts, Dayna.