28 June 2010

Cherry Harvest 2010

A full week of cherry harvest 2010 is now behind us.  How quickly it comes and goes...
This is part 1 because truly, we pack much more than a week into 7 measly days.
And I'm richer now than I was a week ago, not in money, but in memory and experience!

I've been thinking about the verse in James, "Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness."
I see this in my family...they model peacemakers.  Far from perfect, we can get together, all under one roof, and do a huge job (cherry harvest) in joy, peace, and extreme fatigue.  I wonder, how many families can claim that?  It is only possible, I believe, through the Holy Spirit.  And wisdom.  And planning.  And flexibility!  Not only did cherries get harvested, but the family continues to raise a harvest of righteousness.

I have much to be thankful for this Monday....

*An ever-expanding dinner table at the farm (4 leaves needed to fit everyone this year)
*Chorus of birds to awake me
*Good harvest, safety for the workers
*Beautiful harvest moon
*Time with old friends
*Fluffy baby kittens
*The Baaing of sheep
*Seeing from horizon to horizon with no huge obstructions
*Dancing light on the fields
*Walking the farm roads with my husband, by myself, and with my children
*Safe travels
*Good visits with family
*Healthy children
*Hard-working Papa, brother, husband
*Timmy's delight with the animals

photos:  animals at the farm, Noelle running through the "Jesus is our Rock garden" at the orchard, Conner and Dawsy on the way to feed the ducks, Rals feeding the late ducks Daisy and Scott (maybe sometime I'll blog about the loss),  gradeschool friend and her children here visiting from Alaska

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Katie said...

Um, glad you got a picture of the ducks....