06 May 2010

May Days

Every year, since I remember having children, we've celebrated May Day.  Well, there was one year when one child had such a high fever we had to put it off a few days.

Now, they won't let me stop...and the memories keep coming...the surprises await an open door.

There is fun in the expectancy,
 joy in the giving,
excitement in the strategy!

Even when the brothers forget their sister on the doorstep and she's crying when the neighbor opens the door because she know that's not where she's supposed to be.....
I can't help but rejoice.

Not all surprises are so fun, though.  I never really know what will happen when I open that door, when I turn that corner, when I answer that call, when I make that choice.

This past week we celebrated the ordination of my husband and two others in our church.  What does the future hold?  I really don't know.  Fear and anticipation compete within me.  Also with raising my children.  Fear, anticipation, fear, anticipation.....
My thoughts return, though, regularly, sometimes with concerted effort, but mostly as a gift from the Holy Spirit to my soul named Much Afraid, to Romans 5:
And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God...And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us...

I anticipate the future because my God is there already, waiting, pouring His love into my heart, giving me hope and even the ability to glorify Him in whatever may come....

photos of May happenings around here

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